Fun, food and fellowship was the name of the game when our Young Adults spent the morning of 15 February in the Kologha Forest in Stutterheim. Our group of ten people began the hike at approximately 08h00 and were back in East London by 13h00. The previous two days of isolated rainfall created some anxiety as to whether or not we would be able to complete the hike, but in the goodness of God, the weather was perfect during the hike.

There was not much else to do besides enjoy the beauty of God’s creation; out of reach from cell phone signal and the rush of city life. We saw three picturesque waterfalls during the hike while taking time to enjoy a light snack at the foot of the largest of the three. Apart from the odd scratch and bruised ego, no one was seriously injured, even though at some points the terrain was rather precipitous.

All things considered, as far as the Young Adults are concerned, a hike in Stutterheim is a great way to spend a Saturday morning!