Beacon is kicking off a new Men’s ministry – the Friday Morning Mens Group. Men all of ages are invited to meet every Friday morning at Beacon Bay McDonalds at 6:00am (for +- an hour). On arrival there will be a cup of coffee and the basic format will be to discuss a topic and passage of scripture relevant for today’s men.

Dane Langhein is the man who has initiated this and will be co-ordinating… Dane shares more about what’s been on his heart, the motivation and objectives for this new ministry:

“The reason for men’s ministry being an influence in my life came when I faced the biggest change in surroundings – when moving from university to the working world. During my varsity practical year, moving into the working world and not been surrounded with Christians meant that I found it tough to keep God at the centre of my life. I still did all the things expected of me as a “Christian”, but unfortunately the busy-ness of work left very little place for God. Working hours became longer and longer and so time for the Lord reduced, to no time at all. I still came to Church and bible studies however; I found that the bible studies didn’t help me with the problems I faced at that stage of my life. By the end of the year I knew that something was seriously wrong and I needed to change. I was heading back to varsity for honours, and had been asked to lead the youth cell the following year. I was extremely concerned, as I knew my heart was not right and now I would be leading a bible study.

Fortunately God was at work in my heart and called me to attend the men’s group on a Wednesday morning at 6am (not normal for a student!) From the first day I realised why God had lead me there. God showed me men of all ages; some very successful, others ordinary, businessmen and just the general worker. I knew straight away that God was going to teach me through these men how to continue keeping Him at the centre of my life while working, because he had done it for those men. I was blessed with wonderful wisdom, fatherly love and advice that has helped me to this day.”

Dane explains how the concept of the Men’s Group will differ from conventional bible study group:

“From the outset, it is extremely important to have all ages of men and race at the meeting. The reason for this is that everyone is at a different season in their life and we are losing a lot of wisdom from older people and a lot of experience from all the different ages and races.  Other than my own personal example, some other examples are:

  • A father I battling with his relationship with his teenager at home. We have teenagers in the group or young men that can relate to the father’s teenager and give Godly advice and support.
  • Newly married men and young fathers learning from the older men in the groups’ own life experiences through marriage and fatherhood.

In no time at all, men become open with one another and strong relationships are formed; father – son and grandfather – grandson type relationships. Some men are blessed to have Godly fathers and grandfathers but others have not had this opportunity in their own lives. I believe that this would offer the place for this type of relationships.”

Everyone has busy lives these days, but we would still like to encourage all men to make time to attend. Businessmen, fathers, grandfathers, young adults and teenagers – we all have something of value to share. We look forward to seeing you there and learning from what God has placed on your heart; all your Godly wisdom – through successes and failures!