Sermons from February 2014

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Matthew 13:10-16 (23/02/14 pm)


Ron Eardley introduces the evening sermon series on the parables of Jesus. Why did Jesus use parables? It was well known way of communicating truth to his people. Throughout new testament there are parables which are directed at individuals, groups, spiritual leaders and whole nations but all of them acted out the message of the […]

Esther 8-10 (23/02/14 am)


Esther 8. “The Tables are turned”. The sixth sermon in the series on the book of Esther. Initially the Jews were being persecuted and Haman was the persecutor, but Haman’s fortunes turn against him as Mordecai┬áis instead honoured. Haman planned his evil deeds in the same month as the Passover, there are parallels between God’s […]

Mark 3:13-19 (16/02/14 pm)


Mark 3:13-19. The appointing of the twelve apostles. The way Christ chose the apostles who would┬árevolutionise the world. Not looking at the men as we would look at them, but the way Christ in his infinite wisdom and insight chose men from such different backgrounds, backgrounds that were a volatile mix of characters, personalities and […]

Esther 6 (16/02/2014 am)


Esther 6, part 2 of “the way up and the way down”. The life of humility that Mordecai lived and the way God exalted him. How Haman and his selfish arrogance was humiliated. The continuation of the series on the book of Esther.