Sermons from April 2014

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John Koning – Part 1 (27/04/14 pm)


John Koning is the guest speaker. The continuation of sermons on the parables, this one is on the lost (prodigal) son. This describes the young son as an explosive eruption, a violent hatred for his father and the father’s unconditional love for his son.

Mark 5:1-20 (27/04/14 am)


Jesus, the ultimate ‘hell- razer’ part 2. Mark 5:1-20 The second part of the message on the demoniac and the peoples reaction to what Jesus had done for him.

Luke 13:1-9 “The Axe Effect” (13/04/14 pm)


Luke 13:1-9. The parable of the barren fig tree. The parable is a continuation of the preceding verses, the fig tree is not producing anything and was to be cut down, despite all the resources available to it in the vineyard. God extends his mercy to us, our response is to repent and to then […]

2 Chronicles 20:31 – 21:1 (13/04/14 am)


2 Chronicles 20: 31 – 21:1. The passage of 2 Chronicles ch. 20 is about the kingship of Jehosophat and his worship, his attitude of worship was with his heart and not with his intellect alone. Do not respond with just your mind but respond with your heart, and know the power of the Lord.

Luke 11:1-11 (06/04/14 pm)


Luke 11:1-11 – A continuation of the series on the parables, this one is about the persistent neighbour. Jesus teaches us about how to pray powerfully and effectively.