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Barry Wyatt (11/05/14 pm)


Joshua 5:13-6:27. Looking at the passage on the fall of Jericho when God spoke to Joshua and came to conquer the city all on his own, he did not need assistance from Joshua just his obedience as a servant and let God secure the victory.

John Koning – Part 1 (27/04/14 pm)


John Koning is the guest speaker. The continuation of sermons on the parables, this one is on the lost (prodigal) son. This describes the young son as an explosive eruption, a violent hatred for his father and the father’s unconditional love for his son.

Matthew 13:44-46 (09/03/14 pm)


The parable of the hidden treasure and the pearl. Nothing compares to knowing Christ, but we are also forgiven, justified and are a kingdom people. Guest Speaker is Jon Emmanuelson.