Ron reports:
We praise God for the grace in which we stand, and for the privilege of serving Christ in the mission to the AmaZioni. As we come to the end of another academic year, we pause to reflect on the highlights of the mission work in 2018 Highlights include:

Weekend Mission to Lusikisiki in March
Saturday Workshop in Queenstown in May
Week Bible School at Tylden in June
Weekend Workshop in Mthatha in August
African Pastors’ Conference in Queenstown in October
African Pastors’ Conference in Dumisani in October

We have now completed the 3rd year of the 4 year curriculum and students are looking forward to the Annual Graduation Service at which they receive Certificates for each year of work completed.

The students demonstrate a great love for the Word of God and enjoy their monthly ZEB classes. There is an old lady who is an example to all of us.

She is a pensioner, who must catch two taxis each way to travel the 90km to class and home again. Tragedy struck earlier this year when her adult daughter was killed in a vehicle accident. The funeral was arranged for a Sunday and her family gathered at her home for the weekend. She amazed everyone by rising early on that Saturday to travel to ZEBS class. Her testimony was ‘Yes my heart is sore. My daughter is dead. I cannot help her now, but Jesus can help me to be faithful to Him, and I am going to class, He will be there!”

This mission to the AmaZioni is to teach people the Word of God. What an encouragement this lady is to the students and teachers alike! What a privilege to serve her and her LORD!

Items for prayer:

Pray for the students as they enter the Christmas Season – this is a time of great rejoicing as they reconnect with their family members who travel home for the holidays – but it is a time of severe testing for those committed to Christ, as their families engage in ancestral worship over this time.

Pray for the teachers as they pause for refreshment and to plan and prepare for the new year.

Pray especially for Jon and Lauren as they travel back to the USA on furlough.

Pray for Luaan and Ron as they plan and prepare to take up the slack in the ministry, as they consider enrolling new teachers, and as they prepare new material for next year.

Pray for the ZEMA Conference to be held from 2 to 7 January 2019 in Stanger.

We continue to pray to the Lord of the harvest – please send out workers – the fields are ready for harvest and the sun is setting!

Ron Eardley
8 Nov 2018